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S. No. Author NameAbstract IDAbstract Title
1 Chaman Verma   9 Mind Set Towards Internet Usage: A Study Among Various Colleges/University Students In District Sirsa (Haryana)
2 Anand Bharadwaj  10 Energizing Smart Grid using Biogas Based Generating Unit
3 Syed  Umira Riyaz  14 A Comparison Between Si and Poly-Si Square Diaphragm MEMS Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors
4 Nida Ul Amin   15 Emerging Technologies and CMOS: Extending the Road Beyond CMOS
5 Farooq  Aadil Rather   16 A Comparative Study of Specific Absorption Rate of Recent Mobile Phones
6 Tawheed Jan Shah  18 Region of Interest Coding Based Technique for Infrared Thermal Image Compression
7 Simranjeet Singh   20 Aluminium Covered Stainless Steel OPGW
8 Vinay  Shukla   21 Software Tool for Online Victim Complaint System (OVCS) – Application Package for Crime Free Society (CFS)
9 Tahir Hussain Bhat   22 E-Commerce: Threats, Countermeasures and Precautions
10 Reyaz Ahmad Mathangi   24 Communication Networks: Past, Present and Future
11 Iftikhar Hussain Bhat   25 Right to Privacy in Digital Environment
12 Shafiya Afzal Sheikh   26 A Technique to Detect and Prevent Malicious Covert Communication
13 Uzma  27 Study of Channel Estimation Techniques in Multiple Input Multiple Output Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (MIMO-OFDM)
14 Prasun Shrivastava   28 Fire and Gas Leakage Detection and Solution Technique Based on Secured Android Platform
15 Syed Ishfaq Manzoor   29 Information Security in Virtual Private Networks
16 Deepa Shivanand Chabbi   30 Synthesis of Speech Corresponding to Kannada Scripts, Using Concatenative Synthesis Method
17 Manbir Sandhu And Purnima    31 Cyberspace - The New Battleground
18 Mohammad S. Hashmi   32 Advances in RF Power Amplifier Design Technologies 
19 Sameer Sadiq Sofi    34 Face Recognition using Neural Networks
20 Umer  Ashraf  35 Light Fidelity (Li Fi)
21 Javeed Iqbal Reshi   36 Reversible Computing: Motivation, Progress, and Challenges
22 Mohammad Rafiq Dar    37 Fractional Order Systems; A Future Outlook
23 Junaid Rasool Wani   39 Governing Dynamics of Vhdl Based Intensity Tracking Solar Panel 
24 Imran  Nazir Beigh  40 Integrated Biomedical System Design: Issues, Challenges and Future Prospective
25 Nasir Ali Kant  41 Anatomization of The Hardware Implementation of Neural  Networks
26 Sakeena Akhtar  42 Effect of New Hybrid Technique on Speech Compression
27 Jai Preet Kour Wazir   43 Performance Enhancement of Digital Receivers Using  Interpolate Multirate Filter
28 Wali Mohd Dar  44 Impact of Cyber Security Challengesand Necessary Preventive Measureson Information Security With Referenceto Expansion/Growth of Internet.
29 Mehboob Ul Amin   45 Performance Evaluation of Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR) Using Transform Techniques in MIMO-OFDM
30 Abdul  Wahid   46 Migration to Cloud through Microsoft AZURE
31 Tawseef Ahmad Bhat   48 A Review of Novel Trends in Gate-Channel Designs for Efficient  Finfet Structures
32 Zubair Ahmad Bangi  49 Fault Tolerant QCA Implementations: A Survey
33 Mohammad Rafiq Beigh   50 Emerging Devices for More than Moore
34 Nahiya Malik   51 Performance Evaluation of Multi user DS-SS System over Multipath Fading Channel using new Gold Code
35 Muzamil Masood Mattoo   53 Use of Social Media in Education: A Study with Special Reference to India
36 Asma Nazir Naqash  56 Study of Machine Learning Algorithms for Developing Calibration Model For Non-Invasive Glucose Measurement
37 Deepak Kumar  57 Slow Internet? More Bandwidth is not the Answer
38 M. Ikram   69 Structural, Optical and Dielectric Studies of Sr doped LaVO4
39 Manu Raj Moudgil  92 Statistical Machine Translation Process and Tools
40  Gulzar Ali Sofi  99 Open School: An M-Learning App for Android
41 Shakeel Ahmad Dar   101 Biometrics of Vision: A Comparative Study of Iris & Retinal Biometric Techniques 
42  Munis Khan 102 Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Homes: A Design Prospective
43  Misbah 103  Microcontroller based Advanced Vehicle Accident Detection and Prevention System 
44  Nadiya 104 Digital Video Watermarking Using Low-Middle Frequency Bands Based On SVD and 3-level DWT Techniques 
45  Farhat Roohi 105  Fuzzy Learning Model and Artificial Intelligence 
46  Syed Sajid Hussain 110 A Hybrid Approach for Cloud Bandwidth and Cost Reduction System using Predictive Acknowledgements 
47 Musavir Ahmad 111 Automatic Annotation in PRAAT for Kashmiri using Easy Align
48 T. R. Jan 112 Internet Usage in Higher Education: Needs Analysis and Satisfaction

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